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Industrial Luxe

Streamlined designs, classic structures and polished metals: the modern industrial look is always on trend, when it comes to accessories. One of our favourite designers is New York-based artist Eddie Borgo, who has designed jewellery for the likes of Marchesa, Joseph Altuyarra und Proenza Schouler. Discover Eddie Borgo's styles - and many more - at Cadenzza.




What was your inspiration for the designs Cadenzza selected? 
Eddie Borgo:
 I found it exciting to work with elements that reminded me of tools and at first glance appear to have little or nothing to do with jewellery. It's possible to make padlocks or tubes attractive.

What materials do you prefer to work with?
Eddie Borgo: The beauty of things we create at the Eddie Borgo Studio never depends upon the materials used.

What is your relationship with art?
Eddie Borgo: I like classic structures and I am inspired by modern art. My role models are artists like Tony Smith, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd and Richard Serra.

What kind of women wear Eddie Borgo?
Eddie Borgo: I see our customers as collectors with an intense relationship to our brand. But most of all, I see them as curators of their own personal lifestyle. They carefully and consciously select everything they buy, from their furniture to a postcard on vacation and of course their jewellery.

Do you have a styling tip for the pieces of your collection?
Eddie Borgo: I always say that jewellery is something very personal. The devil is in the detail. Women have a very emotional relationship to their jewellery. Ideally, the jewellery should melt with the rest of the styling and be worn so naturally that one feels naked without it.




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